Xiaomi Mi Band Sale At Only Rs.1 - Mi 1 Rs. Offers and Deals

Xiaomi Mi Band Sale At Only Rs.1 - Mi 1 Rs. Offers and Deals


Mi India, the online shopping hub is now showcasing an amazing offer where you get to enjoy buying Xiaomi Mi Band Sale At Only Rs.1 - Mi 1 Rs. Offers and Deals Bag this offer by following the steps below.

How to Get " Xiaomi Mi Band Sale At Only Rs.1 - Mi 1 Rs. Offers and Deals "
The Mi Band 2-Time to step up!

With the newly introduced Mi Fitness Band 2, Xiomi has stepped up the game and become one of the close competitors among fitness brands. What you need to realise is that it providing an item with its big brand name, at a price, which is in the lower quarter- ?1,999. So instead of buying a cheap unbranded one for ?1000, which won’t last a month, and also save a few thousands on the really expensive ones like fitbit and others.

Whilethe previous Xiaomi Mi Fitness Band was priced perfectly at 999, its major flaws were its lack of features, with the most important being a display. This latest offering is supposed to beat those lacks and resentments with a oled display and a well-functioning heart rate sensor. While the display is a vital feature, the heartbeat sensor is something present in every other fitness band these days and hence is a must at this juncture of time.

Design :-

Like its former cousin it has two componentsthe band and the main capsule. The rubber band is very comfortable and even wearing it for days continuously does not give rise to any sort of irritations.The clasp works as it is intended to and in one line, it can be called both comfortable as well as secure.

The capsule fits into the band with absolutely no chances of falling off, and it consists of the oled display as well as the circular touch sensitive button that displays the number of steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt, heart rate and more information as you wish. The touch sensitive button works well enough and there is no miss-touch or any inability to recognize touch.The capsule base slightly presses against your skin but you have to realise this is essential to measure your heart rate properly although it might feel a tinge bit uncomfortable to some.

Performance :-

Comparing the Xiaomi Mi fitness Band 2 against the in-builtsystem in iPhone-5s as well as a treadmill for further verification, showed around two to three hundred extra steps for every ten thousand.The deviations are more than acceptable and work better than most fitness bands available in the market at much higher costs.

The automatic sleep tracking, is fairly accurate when used, and although the heart rate and sleep tracking isn’t for everyone, Xiaomi India gets it quite correct, and is a definite buy in today’s world-go buy the Mi band online now.

In case you frequently miss calls, texts and app notifications,you just have to buy this Mi band for India. But then you should probably disable apps that throw notifications every second, like say whatsapp, otherwise the constant vibration in your wrist won’t let you concentrate on something else.The band is also a great alarm, and wakes you up with a distinct buzz. It works more like a silent alarm, and wakes you up without disturbing the rest of the people in the room.

The App :-

All the alerts and more, can be configured and changed from the XiomiMi Fit app, which is quite fast, and is pretty basic although extra features and info could have been added, and would make it better, given the fitness band capabilities.

The Mi band’s battery is exceptional-even after eight days of continuous use, battery was still 75 percent full. Since it needs a separate charger, you need to keep it with you when you’re travelling. It is definitely one of the best fitness band buys in India-buy the Mi Band in India now.

So, do you think the Mi Fitness band is good enough and fits your requirements, or do you think there is some feature missing? Buy it at Mi band amazon now.