Vacation Rentals Vs. Hotels: What's better for your next trip?

Vacation Rentals Vs. Hotels: What's better for your next trip?


The growth of the sharing economy has changed the way one travels, right from booking rooms in hotels or houses to sharing the transport. These days there are various accommodation options ranging from the standard hotel chain to the serviced apartments to a vacation rental and more. When choosing the accommodation for your trip, the first question that can arise in your mind is whether you need to opt for vacation rentals or hotels. To help you deal with this question, we have compiled the comparison of vacation rentals versus hotels based on their benefits and have provided an unprejudiced report.

Which is cheaper?

The budget can vary depending on the size, the number of members and duration of the stay. Vacation rentals might be more cost-effective if you need an accommodation for large groups or families.

Whereas, if you're looking for customer-oriented services to satisfy all your needs, you can definitely opt for a hotel. Moreover, vacation rentals are often located in the residential area as opposed to hotels located in business districts. Therefore, you can easily find budget-friendly restaurants and shopping places near vacation rentals than near hotels.

Which is more convenient?

Rentals and hotel rooms offer different amenities to their guests. Choosing between these two purely depends on your needs and requirements. Most hotels provide WiFi, television, toiletries and towels as a part of their standard service. You can also get access to laundry service, restaurants, and bar at an additional cost. Most of the hotels in Toronto Canada Downtown offer free access to pool and lounge where you can unwind and relax.

Whereas, rentals are private-based homes which contain all the amenities of a home like a washing machine, kitchen appliances, WiFi and other household items. You can feel at home staying in rentals.

What is the duration?

As hotel rooms are more expensive, it can be opted only if you're staying for a short duration. On the contrary, if you're planning for a longer stay, you can opt for vacation rentals. Hotels usually have fixed rates per night and prices tend to be very high during the peak season.

Whereas, the price of vacation rentals is flexible. They might charge you on a nightly, weekly or monthly basis. Rentals also provide discounts to their guests who stay for a longer duration.

Where is it located?

Hotels are generally centrally-located. Hotels located in the middle of the city are more expensive as they are located near the important attractions of the city and are convenient to travel. If you are traveling by flight or train or bus, finding a hotel right near the station or airport can be an ideal choice.

Rentals are located throughout the city. In spite of their central location, they are available at cheaper prices than hotel rooms. You can also find a lot of vacation rentals located in close proximity to shopping malls and grocery stores, making shopping factor easy for you.

Which is more secure?

When compared to rentals, hotels are considered more safe and secure. Hotels appoint security guards who will be available 24/7 for any assistance. Hotels also have security cameras installed, preventing any host from entering the hotel. Hotel rooms will also provide you with a safety locker where you can store all your valuables.

Whereas at vacation rentals, there won't be a receptionist to assist you and they do not take care of the neighborhood. So, if you're new to any place you can always opt for staying in a hotel, taking into consideration the security factors.

What is the purpose of your trip?

If you're visiting the city for a business purpose, choosing a hotel would be an ideal choice. Hotels offer various specific services to meet the requirements of business travelers like conference rooms, high-speed internet, transport services and even interpretation services. You can find a lot of business hotels near Toronto airport Canada offering pick up and drop services from the airport and arranging all the things you need to conduct your business meeting.

On the contrary, if you are visiting the city with your family to explore the unknown and are an adventure lover, you can opt for vacation rentals. You can enjoy staying in rentals with a large group of people. You can get groceries from a local store and cook your meal with your family members or friends.

The Take-Away

Given the pros and cons of each type of accommodation, finding the right type of accommodation for your travel depends purely on your priorities. If you're in large groups or families and want a spacious accommodation with a kitchen at an affordable cost, you can go for vacation rentals. On the other hand, if you have a higher budget and you're looking for luxurious amenities, business requirements and a get away from the busy city life, opt for hotels. Thus, consider all the points mentioned in this article and take a wise decision.