Top 5 Amazing Tips For Credit Card Users

Top 5 Amazing Tips For Credit Card Users

There is no doubt that swiping your credit card is way easier than carrying cash in your wallet. Moreover, the offers and rewards offered by various credit card companies can easily entice any living individual on this earth. But, as Spiderman once said, “With great powers comes great responsibilities as well”. Most of the problems created by credit cards is mainly because of its unethical usage.

Well, if you have a credit card, then it makes sense to learn how to use your card wisely. So, without any further ado, here are top 5 amazing tips you should know as a credit card user.

Know Your Card

It pays to do some groundwork before you go ahead and finalize a credit card. If your monthly spend comprises of utility bills, then you should go for a card that has cash back offers on utility bill payments. Let us assume, you visit your hometown once in a year, then you can go for a co-branded credit card offering air miles, which can get you free air ticket.

If you have recently owned a credit card, then make sure you have called your bank’s customer support to gain holistic knowledge of credit cards. You can ask your bank to share a copy of terms and conditions, this will also come handy in knowing the reward point policy and various other related things.

Make Timely Payments

Make sure you have issued a standing instruction on your bank account in order to pay off your payments in full, it is imperative you have kept enough funds in your account. This will help you avoid interest and late payment fees. In addition, you will have a better chance of improving your CIBIL score, which in turn will make you a preferred customer when you need funds in near future.

Reward Points

Before you even think about redeeming your reward points, make sure you have looked at the reward catalogue existing on your bank’s official website. Reward points can get you a wide range of options from a car to a gift voucher. While most of the people spend endless hours just to get themselves familiar with saving opportunities, most of them tend to falter on timely payments, which can be easily avoided by using smart usage of modern technology. Moreover, reward points work best when repayments are made on time.

Claim Your Bonus

Credit companies come up with exciting new offers on regular intervals. Stay vigilant, if you are an existing bank account holder and you come across a lucrative offer such as cashback offers at departmental stores or bonus points for signing up, then make sure you claim such offers. Get in touch with the customer care executive and inform that you would like to have that offer applicable to your credit card. The bank won’t mind passing on the benefits to old customers. Credit card market is quite competitive and the bank usually make their best efforts to retain their customers.

Be Wary Of Frauds

This is one of the important points. If you are a credit card owner, make sure you are alert about the credit card frauds. Nowadays, every bank and credit card issuer ensure utmost safety by using chip-based and pin-based credit cards. Yet, it is important that you keep a close watch while you are swiping your card whenever you are at your favorite restaurant or you are using your card for online shopping. Make sure you evade sharing your credit card account details over the phone or via email. It is advisable to use safe payment options while making online purchases so as not to compromise on the security of your credit card.

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