The Best Home Remedies For Sneezing

The Best Home Remedies For Sneezing


Sneezing is a reflex of the upper respiratory tract, in particularly nose, when getting a stimulus or an irritant such as allergies, animal fur, smoke, changing in humidity and temperature. It is a normal physical response in our life but if sneezing happens frequently, it may be a big problem which you want to stop immediately because of the significant influence in your job, communication and daily life. Beside, sneezing does not go alone, it usually accompanies with some other symptoms like runny nose, lack of concentration, sore throat and red eyes.

Absolutely, there is no certain drug can help you relieve this symptom effectively so in this case, the home treatments for sneezing is the best convenient method for you.

1.Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is a wonderful natural decongestant and antibacterial agent. It helps the nose clear by dilating nasal vessel and killing bacteria which make the symptom more complex. That is the reason why peppermint oil is a first method you should try to stop sneezing quickly.

-Add 5 to 6 drops peppermint oil into a half bowl of hot water

-Cover your face with a clean towel and breathe deeply over this bowl in 10 to 15 minutes. The symptom will be relieve so quick.

If you do not have peppermint oil, you can alter by eucalyptus oil and salt with the same step like peppermint oil.

2.Chamomile tea

One of the best home remedy for sneezing is a hot cup of chamomile tea. Drink it every day in the early morning or the evening could help you say good bye with the allergic symptom, especially sneezing caused by allergy, and support your health better because of its antihistamine properties.

-Put a little dried chamomile flower into a cup of boiling water, still boil in few minutes until the chamomile is imbibed totally.

-Add a teaspoon of honey to improve your flavor. And now you have a drink not only delicious but also good for your health.


It is known that the most traditional remedy for sneezing is ginger. By the ability of ending any symptoms caused by virus or cold environment and being natural warm agent, ginger is rewarded choice for you.

-Cut some slice of ginger and boil it with a cup of water about 3 to 4 minutes. You can add a little honey for good taste and drink it every day, particularly in cold weather, to prevent sneezing

-Otherwise, adding ginger in your meal is not a bad choice.

4.Fennel tea

If you are seeking the safest remedy for sneezing, fennel tea is a best choice for you. Fennel tea helps you relieve sneezing also runny nose by its antibiotic properties without any side effects. In addition, the way to make a fennel tea cup is so simple and easy.

-Take 2 tablespoons of dried fennel seed and soak into a liter of boiling water (temperature of water should be 85 – 90 degree Celsius)

-Waiting for 10 to 15 minutes

-Stain to get liquid only and take your drink 2 times a day to stop frequency of sneezing.

Note: do not boil the tea after adding fennel seed to prevent the destruction of its natural oil.

5.Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important role in immune system, in particular reduce allergic symptoms and fight with cold agents, so it is an effective way to treat sneezing. Some cup of citrus juice such as lemon, orange or guava rich vitamin C is not only tasty but also good for your health.

6.Bitter gourd

By the medicinal substance, bitter gourd is the most effective home remedy for sneezing and any symptoms related to allergy. In spite of its bitter taste, still now it is high recommendation for this symptom.

-Consuming directly bitter gourd is a best method

-Alternatively, you can extract bitter gourd and drink with honey, it is easier to use

It should be consume several times each day to get the highest benefit.