Questions You Must Ask Before Selecting a Social Media Platform For Promotions

Questions You Must Ask Before Selecting a Social Media Platform For Promotions


It’s true that the television has been replaced by smartphones. The youth spends more time on social media than any other means of entertainment every day! So it is only logical that connecting and communicating with people on social media is the correct strategy.

The question is… Which Social Media Platform should you select?

Well, we all know that some Social Media Platforms are the most popular ones. However, you must see if they can give you a reasonable RoI or not? So, these are the 5 basic question you must ask before selecting any Social Media Platform for promoting your or your clients’ business, as a Digital Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad.

1. Are my potential customers using this platform?

This is the most basic yet the most important question you must ask. However famous any platform could be, if your customers do not use it that much then your promotions on that will not yield any good outcome. For example, the exporters or manufacturers might not be present on social networking platforms but they will be present on B2B and business networking platforms. So choose the platform where your customers are active more.

2. What is my objective in selecting a social media platform?

Depending on industry domain and the magnitude of business, the expectations from a social media platform would vary. An e-Commerce business would constantly seek to get more sales while an FMCG brand would try more to get recognition from there. So it all depends on you, whether you want more traffic on your website, or you want to get more visibility, you want more engagement, or you want all of them in varying proportions?

3. What is your budget for promoting your business online?

Needless to say, you would need to utilize the paid promotion services of any Social Media Platform. In addition to that, you would need so many resources like graphic designing, video production, copywriting and finally, you would need experts or agency to properly manage profiles on Social Media Platforms. It is always advisable to create less profiles and manage them effectively than creating too many of them and do an average job there.

4. Do you want to connect with more people or relevant people?

Some Social Media Platforms like Facebook can bring in even excessive traffic but platforms like LinkedIn can help you connect with more relevant people. It all depends on your business plan. So, if you want to launch new products/ services and promote them aggressively you can use the popular ones but if you are seeking to strengthen your lead generation and forge strategic partnerships, maybe you’ll need to select subject and locality specific platforms.

5. Which platforms your competitors/ industry peers are using?

You can always track other organizations from your industry and see if they are gaining any traction or advantage from Social Media Platforms. You can see their strategy and people’s response to them. If you think that people are comfortable with them on a Social Media Platform then you can safely assume that platform is good for your business. But it can’t be limited to this criteria, you can always rationalize and try out innovative platforms from time to time.


One thing is sure, Social Media Platforms can help you connect with the potential customers but you’ll need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for that. SearchNative is one of the best Social Media Agency in Ahmedabad who can help you identify the best Social Media Platform for your business. The digital world is tumultuous and ever-evolving world. One thing you might consider useless today may become the best option in the days to come. So, it will be logical if you let the experts carry out a comprehensive research and then roll-out a brilliant strategy.

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Piyush Golani

Piyush Golani leads a team of amazing digital marketing professionals at SearchNative - a full service digital marketing agency. His job is to build, implement and monitor full scale digital marketing campaigns and ensure they deliver long term value. You can connect with him @piyush036.