Preventive health check-up for women after age 40

Preventive health check-up for women after age 40


Preventive health check-up for women after age 40

Are you healthy enough? How do you know that? It is mandatory for all to go for a health check-up assessment once a year. Also, as you age, many symptoms start creeping in without actually giving an inkling of any serious illness. So, it is clinically advisable to book an annual health check-up package and test for any abnormalities.

A woman’s journey to wellness starts with her awareness to preventive health check-ups. Here is a list of tests a woman must go through regularly, especially after the age of 40, to rule out risk of any critical disease.

Breast Cancer Screening - Do you have a family history of breast cancer? If yes, then that is a very strong reason why you should opt for an annual mammogram. Continue with the at-home physical examinations and check for lumps or nodules.

Also talk to your doctor as when should you start a clinical examination. To help your doctor decide the right time, give him some medical details of your family.

Though an incidence of breast cancer in the family does not necessarily mean that you are at a risk, but a mammogram is a good way to rule out that assumption.

Cervical Cancer Screening - Cervical cancer is the second most common form of cancer after breast cancer and an early screening of the disease can initiate treatment on time for its complete cure. If you are a sexually active women, a cervical cancer screening is deemed essential.

A Pap Smear Test is a common and primary form of cervical cancer detection. In case of any abnormalities, a further biopsy can be performed along with a pelvic examination.



Bone Mineral Density Test - As we age, our bones start corroding making us susceptible to osteoporosis. This test helps to identify problems beforehand and start a timely treatment, if required.

Thyroid Test - If you are pregnant or a woman nearing menopause, it is important you get a thyroid check done on a regular basis as per doctor recommendation. It helps identify hypothyroid and hyperthyroid conditions for timely initiation of the treatment. .

Blood Pressure - Increasing blood pressure is a common occurrence with increasing age. But if the numbers rise out of proportion, it might lead to some serious health disorders. It may also be the rising factor for many cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, a precautionary check is needed to get prescribed with the right medications along with lifestyle changes to maintain the right blood pressure levels.

Barring these, other preventive health check-ups on a regular basis include diabetes check, lipid profile, skin check, eye and oral health examination.

It is important to consult a doctor regarding the health tests that will prevent any future disease. Take time to talk to your doctor about the medical history of your family and about your medical past. Your healthcare advisor will assess your medical history while advising you on various health screenings to evaluate any risk factor.

Book appointment online for a complete health check package at your nearest diagnostic lab. Don’t just assume, be assured of your health!



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