Play TAMBOLA and Earn 3X Real Cash

Play TAMBOLA and Earn 3X Real Cash

Tambola, also recognized as Housie, is a round of likelihood. Tambola by Ats Tambola is a LIVE ONLINE gathering party recreation that you play with REAL PLAYERS from all around the globe. You can play whenever and at anyplace.


Ats Shopping is engaged in growing India's famous video games that have been performed for generations.


The caller/dealer calls the arbitrary created number/cue one at a time. The players mark off the numbers on their ticket as the numbers are referred through a caller. The champ is the 1st individual to score every one of their quantities of a winning combo mix.


There are three horizontal rows/lines and 9 vertical columns with a total of 27 boxes in the Tambola ticket or card. Each line has 5 numbers on it and 4 packing containers are left blank. Thus a ticket has a whole on 15 numbers.

Tambola by Ats Shopping is an online multiplayer game. In this variant, you play in opposition to unknown players. You can play with one ticket only. The maximum variety of players can be unlimited. The winning combinations are
1. Early five – When the player marks the first five numbers on the ticket.

2. Four corners – When the player marks all the corner numbers.
3. Top-line – When the player marks all the top-line numbers on the ticket.

4. Middle line – When the player marks all the middle line numbers on the ticket.

5. Bottom line – When the player marks all the bottom line numbers on the ticket.
6. Full house – When the player marks all the numbers present on the ticket.



You play Tambola with real money. Firstly the user needs to register with a new account by providing a user name, email and phone number.

After the user’s account is created then the user has to add 100 Rs or more (according to their play) into the wallet through which the user will be eligible to play the game.

A new player gets 100 Rs by Ats Shopping when the player adds 100 Rs in the Ats wallet. Go to the homepage and click on the tambola tab below to play the game.

When the user enters the tambola game section here the user gets different types of game rooms so the user can choose whether he/she wants to play the free version or to win real money version.

The timer running on the game room tells you the time when the game will begin so you can tap on the Join the Game button to take part in the game and play it later when the game starts.

When the timer stops it takes around a minute then it shows Enter the Game button, tap on the button to start the game and play.


Tambola – Sabka Number Ayega


How to Play Tambola

On the game screen, you will see randomly generated no. at the top which comes one by one from 1-90.

Below this, you will see a list of previous numbers that have announced and a list icon at last of the numbers through which you can check the numbers which have come and the ones yet to come.

You will see the ticket in the middle on which you have to mark the pronounced number if it is present in your ticket otherwise you have to wait for the number that is given on your ticket to announce and then you can mark the number on your ticket.

And at the bottom, you will see 6 types of winning rewards including Full house that has mentioned earlier.

Once you have written on your ticket the numbers of a winning combination, click the Claim button before it is claimed by any other player. Choose the winning combination or combinations you say on the new screen that emerges. If your claimed winning combination is right, you will earn the winning amount. If the claim is false, your ticket will be blocked.

Bonus:- You will earn 3X real money of the amount you put into the game before playing.

For example: If you enter the room of 100 Rs and will win the Full house then your money will be tripled means 100x3 = 300 it will be your real money prize. The same rule applies to each and every game room like 50, 150,200.

Note:-  In tambola multiple players play the game at the same time so concentrate on the game and try to mark your numbers on the ticket as fast as possible to stay ahead of your competitors so you can win Real money and lots of exciting rewards.

Let’s have fun and play Ats Tambola!


Users can check their transaction details by going into the transaction section in my account. And can check their winning amount that the user has won in the game in my winnings section inside my account.

And this money can be claimed anytime according to the user’s preference in the type of payment options the user wants.

Come Win and Earn Money...