Natural ways to treat flea bites on baby

Natural ways to treat flea bites on baby


Fleas are pesky insects that are commonly found in furry pets such as cats or dogs. They are parasites living on the hosts’ body by sucking their blood. Usually fleas don’t reside on human body, but occasionally you and your family members may be disturbed by flea bites if the house is infested with the insects. Flea bites are described as insanely itchy and sometimes painful. We adults can resist from the discomfort but your kids or babies may be badly affected from the red spots due to the sensitivity of their skin. It does require attentive care to treat flea bites on baby safely because your little angels are pretty vulnerable to any chemicals. We will find out natural ways to treat flea bites on baby in this writing.Flea bites can heal themselves after a period of time, but it’s better to speed up the healing and reduce the discomfort.

Ice pack

Should you have a fridge, ice pack is something available at all time in the refrigerator. In case your baby is unfortunately bitten by fleas, ice pack could be an instant cure. Don’t just place ice on the skin directly, but you’ve got to put the ice in a cloth, a bag or towel and apply it on the red spots to relieve your baby from the itchiness and calm the swelling. This method is effective and easy to access as ice is right in the fridge.

Aloe vera


There are various surprising benefits of aloe vera particularly in terms of skin care that you can refer from a simple google search. The fresh gel of the leaf is ideal to be integrated in cosmetics or pharmaceutical products. Now when it comes to flea bites, you can apply aloe vera for your babies as it is absolutely safe. Itching and inflammation will be removed thanks to the soothing effect of the gel. If this magical plant is not available at your house, consider planting some as it could be more helpful in many circumstances than you may think. Aloe vera is quite easy to grow no matter how little the soil or how small the space for growing is.

Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar is kind of acidic and that acidity element is perfect for balancing pH level of the affected skin due to flea bites. This, as a result, will reduce the itchiness. You should dilute apple cider vinegar with water and use a piece of cotton to apply it on the swelling spots. If you don’t have cider vinegar, lemon may do the job. Squeeze some drops of lemon and use it for your baby flea bite remedy.

Essential oil

If you are type of persons who are keen on natural products, essential oil should be your choice for health benefits. In case of flea bites, lavender essential oil could be a remedy to soothe skin irritation. Simplyuse a cotton bud and dab the oil on the bites. Or else tea tree oil can also be used to relieve the itchiness.

Tea bags

Have a tea drink and use the tea bag for treating flea bites on your baby. Make it cool before trying to apply for the bites. The tannis in tea and the coolness can fasten the healing process, helping your baby feel less irritated caused by the itchiness. Many other useful effects of tea bags for cleaning, deodorizing, or fertilizing soil should be taken into account so that can make more use of them instead of dumping into wastebasket after extracting the tea content.

No doubt that being bitten by fleas is irritating and your baby can hardly stand from scratching it to release the itchiness. Before things get worse, you may try to apply several natural remedies mentioned above to cure your baby from flea bites. They are all safe for your angels without side effects.However, it’s best to have no fleas around your living environment by regularly cleaning up and organizing things properly.