India Stunning Religious Sites

India Stunning Religious Sites

India is full of temples extremely spectacular, which testify to a religious fervor certain but also of undeniable know-how in the field of construction and architecture. Places that are not closed to tourists, who urge generously to length of year. In India, but not only as proves this top grandiose…not?

Virupaksha (Hampi)



The Temple of Virupaksha, dedicated to Shiva, was built in the 7th century by the Clan Chief Lakkan Dandesha. It is the oldest temple in the city and is part of the Monuments of Hampi classified as world heritage by the UNESCO. It hosts throughout the year a large number of pilgrims to the region.


Location: Hampi, Karnataka

Kailasanatha (Kanchipuram)

Be deemed to be the most beautiful temple of Kanchipuram, the Temple Kailasanatha was erected in the viiith century by king Rajasimha Narasimhavarman II. Dedicated to Shiva, It consolidates many sculptures of the Indian mythology tailored to even the sandstone. One can still see a few traces of wall paintings, which are degraded with time.


Location: Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu


Annamalaiyar Temple (Thiruvannamalai)

The Annamalaiyar temple was built in honor of the god Shiva. This is an important site for Hindus in the sect of the saivisme, which associated with the five elements, including that of the fire. Erected in the ixth century, under the reign of the Chola dynasty, it is also a place of pilgrimage for many Hindus.

Location: Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.

Laxminarayan Temple

Inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi, the construction of this building was completed in 1939. The temple is dedicated to Laxminarayan, a form of the Hindu god Vishnu. It is the first great Hindu temple built in Delhi. It welcomes thousands of devotees during the festivals of Janmashtami and Diwali.

Location: Delhi.


Jagannath temple



Built in the xiith century, the Jagannath temple is dedicated to the god of the same name, which is none other than a form of Krishna. It is a high place of pilgrimage since it is part of the four temples in which Hindus must travel during the Char Dham, which Hindu each must make at least once in his life.

Location: Puri, Odisha.


Sri Ranganathaswamy (Srirangam)

Dedicated to Ranganatha, form of rest of Vishnu, the SRI Ranganathasway is a Temple adopting an architecture dravidienne admirable. Its huge site of more than 600 000m facts of this temple the largest of India, but also one of the largest Hindu temples in activity in the world. It is open to the public but some parts are only accessible by the Hindus.

Location: Srirangam, Tamil Nadu.


Temple of the Sun (Konarak)


Of his true name Temple of Sûrya, God of the Sun in Hindu mythology, this building was built in the 8th century by King Narasimha Deva Ier of the Dynasty Ganga. The whole temple represents the truck of this God of the sun, composed of 24 Wheels and pulled by 7 horses. The site is part of the UNESCO world heritage since 1984.

Location: Konarak, Odisha.


As you have understood, to make a choice between all these temples is proving difficult. If you want to visit a maximum of temples in limited space, choose for circuits such as an adventure in South India or a stay Nature and spirituality.