​How Togofogo is Enhancing the Growth of Recommerce in India?

​How Togofogo is Enhancing the Growth of Recommerce in India?


Ecommerce came as the best platform for individuals to buy products online. The merchants had an opportunity to sell their goods at a cost-effective price. After this trend came in the market, several online companies came up with their business. Mobile businesses also witnessed a positive outcome in their activities. Selling the mobile phones whether they were basic, keypad or smartphone. Amidst all these mobile selling and buying scenario, the concept of recommerce or reverse commerce emerged in the market.

Togofogo is one of the competitive businesses to make the most out of this concept. This website offers a platform to the individuals to buy refurbished mobiles and sell their devices. When it comes to sell mobile, the technicians check the device for its utility. After ensuring that the device is in working condition or to which extent it is usable, the price of mobile phones is quoted. Togofogo is a zone which promotes second hand market for buying refurbished, box-opened and certified pre-owned phones at an affordable price. We also provide mobile phone repair services which include various things like screen repair and other internal and external problems.

The website is not only the primary source to buy second hand phones, but, also to sell their used phones at best price.Togofogo is fetching the best form of reverse commerce in the market. This vision of Mr. Soumitra Gupta is the best way to enable the users of tier 2 and tier 3 cities to buy refurbished mobiles irrespective of the budget. Different budget has been set for these pre-owned smartphones and mobiles. Togofogo has attained a sale of 350, 000 mobiles in the current scenario from the year of its inception, 2015. It is observed that demand for refurbished phones is likely to increase up to 27% in the next two years.

The trend of recommerce is expected to stay consistent in the market because the present shopping habits of consumers are reflecting the very aspect.The sale of 13-140 million units of refurbished smartphones has increased in 2017. This in itself is a positive outcome of reverse commerce. Ever since its inception in 2015, Togofogo has delivered success stories in the market. It is offering the world’s fastest growing smartphones’ segment – refurbished smartphones.Refurbished phones nowadays comprise nearly 10% of the global market. The most notable feature of these phones is that they are priced affordably and every feature in them is intact.

It is easy to buy these phones online at a low price unlike the brand new smartphone. In fact, these phones undergo several quality tests before they are stocked in the items of Togofogo.In a nutshell, it can be said that Togofogo is highly offering the best way to shop and sell used phones easily. Hence, they are contributing to recommerce or reverse commerce through their effective sale and purchase of refurbished phones