How to take care of your child this Diwali

How to take care of your child this Diwali


Taking care of your child at any festive season or celebration is mandatory as there are high chances for cuts, injuries, burns, etc. Diwali is one of the most expected festivals by all persons across the world; the celebrations start one week before the day of Diwali.

People start to eliminate the old things from their home and adopt new items and accessories for welcoming the Goddess Laxmi to their home. Diwali is the festival of lights. Therefore you cannot imagine the festive without lights or fireworks.

Though Diwali is filled with colorful memories, mouth-watering sweets, beaming lights, sound crackers and more fun activities, it also indulges number of accidents, minor and major injuries like eye infections, fire injuries, breathing problems, skin allergies, etc.

In the midst of this intense negligence, it's important to safeguard your kids and stop them to be the victim of these fire accidents and other problems caused due to the crackers and lightings.

How to safeguard your kids during Diwali?

There are a lot of researchers and studies that, on the day of Diwali your skin gets exposed to different types of chemicals that are used in the fumes, fireworks, smoke from dust, pollutants, and burning of crackers.

This will cause your skin to get dehydrated and dry, Here are some of the precautions you can follow to keep you and your kid's skin safe.

  • Drinking a large quantity of water on a day will help you to keep you hydrated.
  • You can take advantage of any high-quality moisturizers so that you can avoid skin dryness easily.
  • There are many best types of chemical free cleansers available in the market, cleanse your face and other body parts that get exposed to this smoke so that you need not worry about those pollutants coming in contact with your skin.

Do the Crackers you get is of Original Quality?

  • While purchasing fireworks, it's mandatory you buy standard crackers online or from any reputed and licensed manufacturer store for grabbing the first quality firecrackers for your kids and family members.
  • Never allow your kids to fireworks alone, as a parent it's your responsibility to keep an eye on them or allocate an adult for watching them while bursting crackers.
  • Its advised to burst crackers only in open space like the garden, streets, terrace, etc. and never ignite the crackers inside the home.
  • Make sure your kid is wearing appropriate cotton clothes instead of flowing clothes as they might catch fire quickly.
  • Ensure your child is wearing good quality shoes while igniting crackers, never leave your kids to firecrackers with the barefoot as there are high chances for them to burn their feet.
  • Ask them to burst crackers from a safe distance at least an arm feet distance while bursting crackers.

What to do in case of Burns or Injuries?

Although you watch your kids, there are chances for burns or injuries at some cases. Here are some tips you can perform if your child has some minor or major accidents.

  • If your child got his fingers other body parts burnt, immediately run cold water over the burnt part so that the burning sensation can be reduced.
  • Now apply antiseptic cream or ointment which will help in eliminating the redness caused due to the injuries. You can make use of creams like Sofradex which is considered to be the perfect first aid by most of the Doctors.
  • If there are any blisters formed, then you need to seek medical help immediately.
  • If the burn is a third degree one, your child skin may become charred and white entirely, take your kid immediately to the hospital.
  • Make sure your child is not rubbing their eyes in case of any minor or major injuries, Wash their eyes immediately so that you can eliminate the dust particles quickly.
  • Ensure your kid is not wearing any contact lenses while igniting crackers as there are high chances for irritation, allergies, and infections.
  • Once you have completed bursting crackers, wash your child hand with any soap or hand wash to eliminate the chemicals and dirt so that there will be no itchy feeling.

Do follow this simple safety precaution to take care of your kids on the day of Diwali or any festive. Wish you all a happy, safe and colorful Diwali!

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