How To Increase Your Vertical Jump At Home

How To Increase Your Vertical Jump At Home


There is a variety of unique and different ways for which you can use increase your jumping ability while at your home. If you develop a habit of exercising regularly, it will be always an extremely easy task. The primary idea is fairly easy as it does not need much except the entire process of exercising a lot of jumping practices at your home.

You can easily perform and you will not have to bother yourself too much about doing workouts. The practice is an excellent process where you will appropriately carry out different types of exercise regimes. In addition, focusing on jumping exercises is an extremely good idea as they will really work perfectly to attain your goal. If you want to know how to increase your vertical jump at home, below are some great exercises for you to improve your vertical uplift.


Perform lunges or deep knee bends

You should focus your attention on those exercises that will increase your strength and speed when trying to increase your uplift. Hence you should do exercises such as deep knee bends or lunges. While performing deep knee bends, you should maintain your back in a straight posture and then bend your knees slowly. Now with this little speed, you should continue bending down as low as you can and then slowly raise up your body. when performing this exercise, you should start off small and then gradually increase the number of knees bends that you will be performing over time. In the beginning, fifteen reps will be enough for you but ensure that you gradually increase your reps as you are getting used to it.


Toe Raises

These are great exercises that will strengthen your calves, if you want to effectively increase your vertical while at your home, then you should definitely include this exercise in your routine. To perform toe raises, you should stand in a regular position, then you raise up your feet until you make sure that you are only standing on your toes’ tip. While lowering yourself down, you should do it with a steady and slow pace. This exercise will need you go up and then lower down while standing on your tiptoes for about thirty times but you can even perform up to fifty reps if you feel the need.

You cannot necessarily perform sprinting exercise in your home but you can easily sprint in your front or backyard. It will help in developing your calf muscles which will successfully increase your vertical.


Single leg hopes

To increase your uplift at home you can also perform single leg hops exercises. This is where you will need to stand using one leg while jumping using this one limb. Upon performing a series of leg hops using one leg, you should then switch to hope with the next leg. The aim of this exercise is to try and jump higher every time you hop.

Using the right techniques as well as principles, you can easily improve your jump in as little as two weeks no matter how strong you are, or your age, or your current size. They are simple techniques that can work for you since they have been proven to be effective time and time again.