How To Get Rid Of Cottonmouth Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Cottonmouth Naturally


Are you bothersome because of the dryness feeling that cottonmouth causes? This article will give you the answer to some information and How to get rid of cottonmouth quickly.

Cottonmouth is a widespread condition that everyone can suffer from. Cottonmouth is known as dry mouth or xerostomia. It is the result of reducing saliva flow or decreasing the production of saliva. It also can be the consequences associated with using some certain medicine, dehydration, smoking, some diseases, and so on.

If you have cottonmouth, you may suffer from some symptoms such as dry mouth, sore throat, excessive thirst, cracked lips, loss of taste, swallow and speak difficulty, etc. It really is a big deal in communicating that make you feel inconvenience. Do you want to know How to get rid of cottonmouth? Let's read this article to get more information about this condition and answer the question above!

What is the cottonmouth?

Cottonmouth or as known as dry mouth is a condition which your mouth is dry abnormally. Normally, cottonmouth is caused by decreased salivary gland secretion and drug side effects. Diseases that directly affect salivary glands may also cause this problem, but it is less likely.

You need saliva for chewing, swallowing, tasting and talking, but you may have difficulty with the activity when you dry your mouth. Saliva also helps prevent cavities by neutralizing bacterial acids, limiting bacterial growth and washing away food particles.

If you have dry mouth and not have enough saliva, you will experience some of the following conditions:

Increased plaque, tooth decay, and gum disease;

Mouth ulcers;

Fungal infection in the mouth;

Dirty tongue;

Cracked lips;

Poor nutrition due to problems with chewing and swallowing.

What causes cottonmouth?

Many causes can lead to cottonmouth; it may include:

Side effects of some medications: Some medications can cause cottonmouth, including medicines for treating depression, allergies, pain, anxiety, Parkinson's disease, muscle relaxants, etc.

Side effects of some infections and diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, HIV / AIDS, Parkinson's disease, Sjogren's syndrome, anemia, diabetes, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, and so on.

Side effects of medical treatment: for example chemotherapy and radiation therapy can change the nature and amount of saliva produced.

Dehydration: Some conditions can make you have a cottonmouth after suffering from include fever, vomiting, blood loss, diarrhea, sweating excessively, burn.

Nerve damage: Trauma causes nerve damage of neck and head also lead to cottonmouth.

Lifestyle: Smoking can cause cottonmouth or aggravate this problem. Besides, stress and anxiety also are the factors that result in this condition.

What are the symptoms of cottonmouth?

If you are suffering from cottonmouth, you may have some common symptoms below:

Dry mouth or throat or sticky feeling of the mouth

Frequent thirst,

Cracked lips

Mouth is sore or has split skin, may appear at the corner

Burning sensation in your mouth and tongue

Have difficult in a tasting, swallowing and chewing.

Hoarseness, bad breath

The tongue may be red and dry.

How to get rid of cottonmouth?

Here are some useful and effective tips for you to answer the question: "How to get rid of cottonmouth?".


One of the best choices for cottonmouth treatments is ginger. Ginger has a bioactive compound which is called as gingerol. It also has an ability to stimulate your saliva. Therefore, it will help you get rid of cottonmouth quickly.

First, you have to prepare some pieces of ginger, a cup of water and a little bit of honey. Put ginger and a cup of water into a pot and boil it. Then, strain it to and add honey inside to have a great cup of ginger tea. Consume it every day to get the best result.

2.Green tea

Another excellent choice to get rid of cotton mouth is green tea. Green tea contains antibacterial properties which are very effective in preventing cavities in the mouth. Besides, this herb can stimulate your saliva flow.

To perform this method, you should make a green tea by boiling some leaves of green tea with a cup of water. Then, strain it and add a little bit of honey to raise the flavor. Drink it 2-3 times a day until your condition improves.


Using pineapple is also one of the extremely simple home remedies for cottonmouth but not everyone can come up with this idea. Pineapple contains a high amount of bromelain which can help in degrading the debris of your mouth. In addition, it also dilutes and increases the flow of saliva in your mouth.

To apply this way, you just simply have to use a fresh pineapple and cut it into some pieces. Then, chew some pieces every day and observe the difference with your condition.

4. Aloe vera

The reason why aloe vera is on the list of How to get rid of cottonmouth is its benefits with your health, beauty and especially with your mouth. The function of your saliva glands can be stimulated by aloe vera. As the result, it will increase producing saliva and you will get out of cottonmouth quickly.

A simple way to get rid of cottonmouth by aloe vera is using its juice to consume or to rinse your cottonmouth every day. Alternatively, you also can use a clean cotton pad to soak in its gel and apply in your mouth. Keep it for few minutes and then gargle with water.

5.Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds contain flavonoids which can stimulate the production of saliva and help you stay away cottonmouth quickly. Besides, it is also efficient in combating bad breath thanks to its aromatic flavor.

Using fennel seeds to munch few times a day is a good choice to deal with cottonmouth. Alternatively, using a mixture of fenugreek seeds and fennel seeds with the ratio of 1:1 to dry, roast and grind it. Eat a half of teaspoon of it after your meals to have a good result.


Lemon as known with a wide range of purposes and benefits in health and not except the effectiveness with getting rid of cottonmouth. It is rich in citric acid which can stimulate producing saliva and also clean your mouth and combat with bad odor.

Make a cup of lemonade by squeezing a half of a lemon in a cup of water. Add some honey inside to raise the flavor and consume it every day until your cottonmouth disappears.


Cottonmouth really is an annoying problem but it can be treated if you apply those home remedies in this article. Hope you found out the suitable way for your own to answer: "How to get rid of cottonmouth?".