​Best Portable speakers 2018

​Best Portable speakers 2018

Portable speakers are the best when you are travelling or even when you are at home, listening to your favourite music is the best thing one can do and when you have a Bluetooth or portable speaker then the feel of that music is doubled. Portable speakers are one of the best inventions ever made because through portable speakers we can play music anytime sitting anywhere. Portable speakers are feasible inside the house and outside the house. These speakers also come in voice activation features through you can ask the speaker to play music, call a person or even make shopping lists too. You can talk to them just like you have someone near you to take your commands. You can compare portable speakers from Trustedcomparison.

Coming to the best portable speakers of 2018, two of the speakers are in news these days which are:

1. JBL speakers

2. Herman Audio type5

3. Sony srs-xb2/RC 20W speaker

4. Bose sound touch10 wireless speaker

5. Philips BT50W portable Bluetooth speaker

1. JBL speakers:

JBL is one of the best companies which make good quality speakers and headphones. The new launch this year has come with new and very nice features like waterproof speakers, with the protective silicon cover and etc. wireless portable speakers are the best since you can carry them anywhere and take the feel of your favourite music. JBL has this product which is called "JBL flip4 portable wireless speaker with powerful bass and mic". The features this speaker has are below:

  • A rechargeable battery of 3000mah power with 12 hours of battery backup.
  • comes under the protection of the waterproof fabric
  • delivers powerful stereo sound
  • Available 6 colours
  • can work on voice commands
  • All-weather partner and can help you party anywhere

2. Harman Audio type5 speakers:

The speakers Harman offers are wireless and gives you 8 hours of battery backup which can let you enjoy your favourite music or if you are partying, your party would surely going to last long. Harman Kardon Go+ Play mini is one of the best speakers that Harman is providing this year. Few of its features are as follow:

  • Rechargeable battery with 8 hours of battery backup
  • Superior designs with great quality
  • Stainless steel handle and premium material which matches your home decor
  • Also ideal for outside play and parties

3. Sony srs-xb2/RC 20W speaker:

Sony is one of the renowned companies which manufactures electronics and delivers a great quality product. The Sony speaker which is mentioned here is one of the best speakers Sony has launched here. It has some special features which will make you go buy this speaker. The features are:

  • Water resistance case makes it waterproof and convenient for all weather.
  • Built-in microscope
  • Battery backup of 12 hours makes you party last long
  • LED backlights for the keys of the speaker
  • Compact design

4. Bose sound touch10 wireless speaker:

Again one of the best company providing electronics and good quality electronics. Bose is an American company which manufactures and sell audio equipment. Best known for its audio speakers provides very good quality equipment. Few of the features Bose provides in their speakers are:

  • Remote control system so you can control your favourite songs from faraway places too.
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Powerful stereo sound
  • needs a wire connection

5. Philips BT50W portable Bluetooth speaker:

Philips is a Dutch multinational company providing the different number of items for both men and women. It also manufactures top quality electrical instruments. The speaker mentioned here is top quality speaker Philips provides and its specific features are:

  • Led backlighting panels make it ideal even for night time
  • Has aux and USB port both making this rechargeable through power banks too.
  • Protective rubber cover helps in protects from any kind of damage

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