Are You Geared Up To Enter The Future Of e-Commerce

Are You Geared Up To Enter The Future Of e-Commerce


Do you see yourself among sellers who struggle hard to gain reputation, customers and a good revenue? Wait! Let us ask you the question of today’s era. Are you one of those online sellers who is putting all the efforts to gain online reputation, lead the internet giants and make customers across the world.

Well! In this race, you are not the only one who is lagging behind, in fact there are many more who are working more harder than you, but still lagging behind. Know, why?

There is not one, but a plethora of reasons that are making users to skip your website. You won’t believe the fact, but there are some internet aces who are consistently leading due to their excellent strategy. Let us start with some facts.

What Facts and Figures Say About e-Commerce?

It’s been only a few years when the e-Commerce world matured excessively. As per a few research results, U.S. e-Commerce market counted $225 billion in 2012 which raised to double the amount (of 2012) in recent times.

Talking about China, e-Commerce market has potential to become larger than that of other developed countries. It has been predicted that it may grow from 6% to 30% in upcoming 5 years. Alibaba, a Chinese multinational e-commerce platform has mammoth number of online sellers who joined them because of their outstanding selling strategy. There are over 100 million unique visitors who gives more sales to the company against other leading online stores like Amazon and eBay.

This was enough of facts and figures to make realize you that you have a long-long path to travel to reach your goal. Let’s introduce you with the future of e-Commerce.



What Will Be The Next Level of e-Commerce?


  • Payment

Let us start with Google Shopping. Familiar with its algorithm? Google Shopping is beating all the online stores with its amazing concept.

Let us talk very simple. When a user visits an online store at a time like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or any other, they compare prices offered by different sellers, colors, brands and other similar products. In order to get the best deal, they visit other online stores to get the best deal.

Removing all the hassles, Google Shopping is leveraging one platform where a user can get the best deal without hovering on different e-Commerce websites. How does it happens?

Google Shopping lists all the results at one screen for a search query. A user just need to click, order and visit the website to make the payment. Well! This is what Google Shopping currently offering, but what it will bring in future.

While making the purchase via Google Shopping, the user needs to visit the website to make the payment, but this process will be soon replaced by instant payment gateway integration. The user will just tap, order and pay.


No matter whatever is the reputation and revenue, usually an online seller takes 3-10 days to make their product delivery. And, no doubt, users prefer sellers who delivers the product in shortest span, say, 1 day. But how about, if we say the product delivery time will be made 30 minutes or 1 hour in future. This will be made possible with drones.

Placing Order

Still, a user places order entering their search query, visiting a website and putting all necessary details. However, the era is no far away when the user will give the voice command on their way to office or driving to place the order.

There are many more amendments which you would not have even imagines. Now, if you are scratching your head thinking how to enter next level of the upcoming trend, we could help you with a few tips.


Become The Internet Giant Of Future

Go Mobile Friendly. If you are having a huge pile of products in best quality and variations. Cheers! And, you are one of those who is imagining of becoming the ace of e-Commerce websites in future. Wake Up! It’s time when you need a mobile-friendly website.

A renowned website development agency will surely help you with not only upgrading your website to mobile version, but also adding relevant and user-friendly options like easy check-out, multiple payment gateways, and much more.

  • Search Engine Optimization has always been ruling all the tactics when it comes to enhanced online presence. If you are not proficient with digital marketing techniques, get in touch with professionals or hire ecommerce development company who can also work with SEO perspective. The professionals will create the description for your products considering keywords which will give you the success for long way without worrying the organic results on search engines.
  • Get sponsored. Some of the ruling online platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google itself allows sponsored ads to list at the top. So, why not pay a few bucks when you can earn millions with that strategy.


Ready To Enter The Future of eCommerce?

When you are done with exploring the present and future of e-Commerce world, get started with adopting the advents today and see yourself becoming a millionaire of tomorrow.

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