A Closet Fit for a Diva: How to Create Your Own Vanity Closet

A Closet Fit for a Diva: How to Create Your Own Vanity Closet


Ah, mornings – those beautiful beginnings of all days when you are expected to be able to make coffee, before you even had your first cup, and put on a face that won’t freak everybody out. Now, if you’re a morning person, this is easy peasy lemon squeezy – you simply get out of bed, do your thing in the bathroom, eat your breakfast and get dressed for work. You maybe even manage to squeeze in a morning run. However, if your batteries take time to warm up, all of this basically seems impossible.

If you’re not a morning person, chances are you need all the help you can get in the morning. That’s why you probably already have a smart coffee machine, preset to make a hot batch every morning and you probably eat your breakfast on the go. But what about that pretty, puffy face of yours? And the clothes? You know, as cute as they are, you can’t wear your pajama to work. The solution to this “problem” comes in the form of a vanity closet. If you don’t know what it is and how you can get your hands on such a magical thing, read on.

What is a vanity closet?

A vanity closet is actually a magical closet, but not like the one that leads you to Narnia – this one is even better. It’s a place where you can transform from a droopy, sleepy creature into the best version of yourself with ease. It’s basically a closet that also contains a vanity. Sounds simple enough, right? So, if you find the idea appealing, let’s now see how you can make one.

Find the right place

Now, if you have a big closet, chances are that there is an area of it you used to just shove things in. That area is the perfect place for your new vanity, as you probably don’t even know what you have there, which means that you don’t actually need those things. With that in mind, let’s move onto step two.

Purge your closet

To actually be able to place your vanity in your closet, you’ll have to give it a nice purge first. So, take all of your clothes out, inspect them well, and divide them into four piles: things you wear, things that need to be recycled, the donation pile and the sell pile. Of course, we can’t tell you which item of clothing should go where, you’ll need to figure that out on your own.

Come up with a basic design

Once you made enough room for your new vanity, you’ll need to come up with the design. Your vanity will need to contain enough storage space for all of your makeup and beauty products, a decent-sized mirror and some high-quality lighting. Now, as far as the electrical work is concerned, you should check your local laws and see if there are any regulations that need to be seen through. For example, in Australia, you’re not allowed to do any electrical work by yourself, which is why Aussies put their trust in a reliable Sydney electrician. If the laws are similar in your country, you should do the same. Finally, add a comfortable seating solution.

Make it beautiful

After all the technical work is done, it’s time to make your vanity beautiful. So, grab some paint and a paint brush, and color away! However, keep in mind that for such places, light neutral hues work best, as dark hues can negatively influence the lighting, which is not something you want in your makeup area. Next, get a bunch of beautiful and practical containers to store your makeup products and brushes, and some wall shelves for storing your nail polishes and nail products. Finally, add some oil and scent diffusers to make the entire area not just look but also smell wonderful. Finally, add a smartphone speaker to blast some uplifting music and set the mood for becoming beautiful.


As you can see, optimizing your morning routine has never been easier. With just some creativity and organizational skills, you can create a practical place where you’ll be able to get ready for everything the day ahead brings in no time.