8 Mistakes to avoid when Managing a Google AdWords Campaign

8 Mistakes to avoid when Managing a Google AdWords Campaign


Google AdWords:

You just create a Google AdWords account, create a quick, high converting and relevant Landing Page, set up an AdWords campaign (the right way) and start earning big commissions in minutes by promoting products as an affiliate, or your own products if you have them.

Well, it is a lot easier than it sounds, and it can be done in minutes. No other Internet marketing method will give you such high, quick and easy profits like a well created Google AdWords campaign. Unless you have a big option and targeted list that you could be sending promotional emails to every week. With AdWords, you can have your ad in the first page of Google for any keyword or key phrase you want to be found with. And while being in Google, you are at the reach of thousands of buying customers every day. And you can even build that big and targeted opt-in list that I just told you about.

But for Google AdWords to be profitable, you have to avoid some mistakes that most of the Internet marketers are doing right now.

The sad thing is that many people that use AdWords end up losing their hard earned money, because they don't know the correct strategies needed to setup profitable campaigns, and they end up doing these mistakes:

• Setting Initial Bids Too High -Most of the marketers start bidding $0.50 or $1.00+ per keyword and they set their daily bids too high. But this is the worst thing you can do if you are just starting out. You first have to see what the profitable keywords are (the only keywords that make you money) and then focus on them. There are some great strategies I use to do this effectively.

• Content Network -When starting a new Google AdWords campaign, people forget to turn "content network" off. Having "content network" on will because your ad to show in any relevant site that has AdSense ads. But this is not good for you, because your ad will get a lot of views but NOT a lot of clicks. This will cause your Click-Through-Ratio (CTR) to go down and your Quality Score will go down as well, making your ad to rank lower and needing higher bids to activate your keywords. Content network can be profitable if you use it the right way, and I explain how to do it in my new "AdWords Profits 2" eBook.

• Choosing A Bad Niche -The "Internet marketing" and "health" niches are very hot, but there is too much competition there. Just do a Google search and you'll see how much-sponsored ads will show up for those two niches, a lot! So the chances for you to rank high in those niches is very low, or you'll need to bid too high for your ad to appear in the first page.

• Wrong And Non Targeted Keywords -Advertising in saturated niches like "Internet marketing" and "health" is possible if you know the correct keywords you must only use. The biggest mistake is to use as many keywords as possible. By doing this, you'll probably be getting a lot of clicks to your Ad, but no sales. Because those clicks are NOT from targeted visitors. So you just will be giving your money away to Google with no profits for you.

• Poor And Non-Attractive Ads -The reason why you are getting low CTR's to your AdWords ads that they do NOT give the searcher what he wants. If you want your ad to stand from all others, it has to be different and give the searcher exactly what he is looking for.

• No Use Of Landing Page -Using direct linking it's not the best idea, because Google only allows one ad to be shown per domain. So only the highest bidder will appear for one domain.

• Bad Landing Page Copywriting -Not only having a landing page is needed, but a good coupon it is. Most of the landing pages that I've seen cannot convince the visitors that the product that is being promoted will help them achieve what they are looking for. If you learn how to write a good landing page, you'll have done more than half of the sale.To Know More about Google Ad Words/PPC Techniques, or Anything related to Digital Marketing, Enroll at Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.

• Low Converting Products -No matter how well written your ad is, how profitable your keywords are or how good your landing page is. If you promote a low converting product, you will make no money. Don't bother promoting products that convert less than 3%.