5 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive After Kids

5 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive After Kids


Isn’t it awkward, how a relation that strives for having kids as an important pillar of their relation, strives harder to maintain the same after they’re born? The joys and fortunes of parenthood suddenly seem overbearing and overshadowing the relationship itself. Is it the hormones, the nagging and whining children, tired bodies or an unflinching heart? What causes the upheaval of distance after kids? Kids are supposed to bring the parents closer and add a new chapter to their life, but seldom have they done it without compromising the spark. Thinking about stepping aside and maintaining the heat, you’ve come to the right place:


1. Shower time together:

The work life and the life at home all seem hectic and all the ideas about dating and spending time together seem too gruesome. Any spare time is welcomed for a sound sleep and dating appears miles away. Then, why not use the little time to have a ‘together’ time in the shower? You both will get to acknowledge and feel the weariness of present times, and caress the worries peacefully. This is a perfect date that will make your bodies and eyes sync together while they understand the grievances of both.


2. Separate sleeping place:

The difference between a one night stand and being in love is in all probabilities, the cuddling and sleeping together afterwards. When we sleep together, our subconscious and body form an unspoken bond with each other. You can always make your newborn sleep beside, but can have your sweetheart on the other. While getting the massage from a maid, ask your husband to do that for you. Sometimes, give him one for washing away his stress and strains. Don’t let any excuse, pleasing or non pleasing play with your spark. 


3. Role play:

Woo your beau’s mind with oomph, and dress up according to the character he is infatuated or intrigued by the most. Use his or her fascinations in your relationship’s direction and watch the fifty shades unfold. Try BDSM, Vanilla, toys or any new adventure, replay the older fantasies and make room for trying new things. Never let monotony seek in, a relationship is a choice and not merely a habit. Choose your partner to the moon and back, and unfold all the different sparkles and phases as you do.


4. Take care of each other:

There’s nothing that small, pleasant surprises can’t solve. Pamper your beau for no reason, just like that. Take him/her out on a date, get coffee without having to ask, gift shopping or favourite football match tickets, prepare your sweetheart’s favourite food, get him/ her a dress, take a night out, go for long drive or do something as simple as household chores together. Be a friend to your darling, and participate in each other’s lives. Do something for your honey, just because it pleases them, be a support system and always stand beside them.


5. Don’t ignore the little things:

The golden rule to any relationship stands strong even after you get kids. Don’t ignore the little things; look after them at the very beginning. When you feel that your spark is getting away or something is affecting your beau or your relationship, tackle it then and there. Address the issues and figure out the solutions to them. If all of us worked on these tiny little issues, we would never have to face the big, harsh ones. Work on them and watch your relationship work.


Remember you got married to this person for a reason, so don’t let that spark die!

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Sara O Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper. She is passionate about traveling and cooking. She has been a regular contributor for-https://remedyliquor.com/blog/