3 Factors that are Instrumental for the Eventual Success of any Brand

3 Factors that are Instrumental for the Eventual Success of any Brand

There are many aspects that can be termed as critical when we talk about how to create a brand out of a simple product. There are several routes a company can take in this concern but they largely depend upon the geographical area in which you are conducting your business. If your business operates in multiple regions or territories, then there is a need for you to evaluate your business and the prospects in order to make sure that you are on the right track.

While the marketplace in Dubai and the UAE as a whole doesn’t constitute of a huge number of people like India or China but it is full of opportunities. The only criteria are that a brand can reach its target market and can persuade them to buy the product. Several local and global perspectives must be considered by a company to make sure that it is offering just the right kind of strategies to its potential customers.

The apt use of the services of a website design agency can be the right tactic for you. Now I am going to give offer you 3 factors that are very important in devising a brand strategy that can offer you expert advice in this regard.

1. Language

Deciding how best to structure your site to fit multiple languages through location detection or multiple is very much a challenging aspect. If you will offer a website to an audience that they do not know will dramatically increase the bounce rate as this simply doesn’t work. However, assuming a user in a territory speaks the national language of that territory is a risky assumption too. Let me offer you an example with the UAE and Arabic language in perspective so that you can have an idea about what I am talking.

Local people in UAE predominantly use Arabic as their first language but there are more expatriates in Dubai than the local population itself. Just the people from India and Pakistan constitute over 80% of the population that’s why along with Arabic, you need to have a campaign running in English as well. This is necessary as virtually all the expatriates don’t understand Arabic much.

2. Culture and Season

Culture is broad terms when we take into account the several annual holidays, religion and economy to name a few. Does Christmas season apply in UAE or the Eid or Hajj season? With a month-long Dubai shopping festival in Late December/January, it is perhaps the best time to market a product. The branding agency you are about to hire need to have a full understanding of this aspect for sure.

Different seasons affect our decision of buying different brands. For example, no one would buy a sweater or jacket in the summer months but will flock to buy them once cold weather arrives. That’s why the timing of your marketing campaign can be really important for its ultimate success. You need to ask yourself if launching a soft drink in the middle of winter a right decision? If not, then look for an appropriate season for this and then a make a complete strategy to escape failure right the launch.

3. Shopping Behavior

Think of the following questions and you will get to the core of the problem most companies face in launching their brand. Do consumers shop online and then buy on the phone? Do they shop and buy online across a range of known brands? Do they visit a very wide range of brands by searching online? Do they use price comparison sites? These questions do change the KPIs of your business and how you set up your operation in any region. Think of UAE and specifically Dubai and you need to

You will need to have a thorough understanding of all the above mentioned aspects. Part of that shopping behavior is their chosen method of payment. Assuming consumers are comfortable buying products from your website then how do they pay? All these factors can make or break your business within no time so you need to be very vigilant.

Final Word

If you need any further guidance for any factor mentioned in this blog or you want to provide your valuable feedback, please use the comments section below.

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