Why India needs Rahul Gandhi?

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 Why India needs Rahul Gandhi?

In the wake of 2019 general elections, everyone is asking who is going to become the next Prime Minister? The competition is majorly held between two people, Narendra Modi, current Prime Minister of India from BJP and Rahul Gandhi, President of Congress party. When the nation is anticipating on who is going to become the next PM, let’s discuss why India needs Raul Gandhi as the next PM? The picture has been clear in these last 4 that this young politician has a lot of potential to lead the nation and there is more than ever need of a person with different political approach to glide the nation from these turbulent times.

It has been seen from time to time that Rahul Gandhi has take a strong stand against the corruption in the nation, even for the members and politicians of his own party. He is one of the leaders who does not believe in giving hollow speeches but boldly take action to remove the corruption form its root even if it require to fight with its own party members.

Taking corruption in consideration, our current PM Modi still supports Babulal Bokaria as a minster in Gujarat deliberately frustrating over the appointment of a lok ayukta in Gujarat for over 10 years and finally amended the State Lok Ayukta act to serve his benefits making the new lok ayukta one more of his pets.

Unlike Modi, Rahul has fought deliberately for the country to get Lok Pal bill and furiously opposed the ordinance which was not in the interest of the nation but supporting corrupt politicians.

The current situation of the nation needs an institution builder rather than a supreme executive like Narendra Modi. It’s an old sying that absolute power corrupts absolutely. We can see Gujrat as the classi example of this, Modi’s own state where things only happen because people are willing to give and take bribe, donation, etc. All this happen in the name of nation development but in reality, it has been corruption development. ‘

Apart from this, Rahul Gandhi is dedicatedly fighting for women empowerment in the Nation. He fights in Rajya Sabha for the Women's Reservation Bill which reserve 33% seats of all Lok Sabha and state legislative assembly for women.

Rahul Gandhi is the only politician of the nation who actually works toward solving a problem by dealing with it at ground level. He has been seen spending time with framers and poor people in their houses, sharing food with them and putting himself in their shoes to develop a fruitful course of action. This dedication to solve the problem of Indian citizens is not seen in any other politician of the nation.