Top 10 latest ways to increase views on your YouTube video in 2017

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The process to start a YouTube channel is not tedious for a beginner but the challenge to make it attention seeking and intriguing is one big task for even brands. It's a continuously growing and changing field, where you need to keep exploring and experimenting with the content you have to attract the viewers. The success depends on the techniques and methods you are following for your videos. This year you need to cross-check whether you have made required changes in your channel so as to increase Youtube views to their maximum capacity. Here are some tricks explained in detail that you should know about.

1. Construct a plan for your channel

Before beginning your YouTube journey, you should have a plan for your channel like what content you are going to include in the video and how would you structure it. Find out things that excite you and try to focus on related skills. While deciding over these areas, make sure you have not adapted an already-seen or tried idea or concept. To come up with something new is the only success trait of a video.

2. Determine to produce engaging stuff

To make an engaging effort, the content has to be informative and entertaining at the same time. The duration f the video should be carefully edited, and a hook in the middle of the video is important to add. While seeing the audience should remain interested and boring parts must be chopped off. Use an expressive language and location, a viewer should not find anything unnecessary or uncalled for

3. Upload very often

The frequency of uploading a video says a lot about the sincerity and authenticity of a YouTube channel. Keep up the pace of content you will be posting, it should not reflect irregularity and indiscipline.

4. Optimization of Title

Title of both, a YouTube channel or a YouTube video works in your favor if the use of words are appropriate and interesting. The viewers always look up to things that are offbeat, little different and unusual in taste but still promising enough to click.

5. Customize channel completely

Till the time your channel is not customised, say if the channel details don't include the exact information the videos are about, the purpose is defeated. Any channel should be well-crafted with the bio, titles, meta tags, Thumbnails etc. for gathering more eye balls.

6. Leave a mark through thumbnails

Sometimes, images are enough to convey the message but at times an attractive title becomes a requirement for the video to be added. Click through rates are expected to grow with a personalized thumbnail.

7. A cool trailer gets you more

Another great feature of channel trailer is there for you to use for your channel. A trailer can be created according to the taste of your target audience so that it can brief them about the subject and persuade them to watch videos.

8. Annotations to add

This ' call to action’ annotation is also known as annoying pop-ups that appear while the video is playing. But they are important for a marketer to add, all that matters and makes a difference is its placement in the duration. A graphic annotation is more effective to use.

9. Use assisting tools

To stay on track, now you have few useful tools for assistance and also help in increasing the viewership organically. Tools such as TubeBuddy is a smart way to handle all YouTube marketing activities.

10. Make it accessible

Link your YouTube channel to the official web page, this gives your channel an authentic representation of your brand. The setting of YouTube should include the blog/website URL and all the descriptions must be filled correctly. Also, a subscribe button has to be attached along with the blog in order to get more subscribers.