Steer Clear of These 5 HR Pitfalls in 2018 and Have an Amazing 2018!

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Steer Clear of These 5 HR Pitfalls in 2018 and Have an Amazing 2018!

As the year draws to a close, it is time for a review and a close look at the five HR pitfalls to avoid for ensuring all smiles at work throughout the coming year.

“Human resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”
Steve Wynn (American businessman)

Simply put, life as an HR can get pretty stressful at times, especially when there is too much on your plate and the year is drawing to an end. In case you are pondering over the year that was, you should remember that looking ahead is always the way to go – whether in life or at work. Learning from our mistakes and vowing to improve ourselves in every aspect of our lives is something that the year ending infallibly brings to mind and HR professionals are no exceptions either.

Instead of fretting over what you should have said at that last meeting or going through your plans for team building exercises all over again, here are five pitfalls that you better avoid to stop your career from turning into an HR debacle of epic proportions.

Shrugging off the abolition of employment tribunal fees

One of the most crucial moves that have revolutionised the HR scene to quite an extent, the abolition of employment tribunal fees is not something to be taken lightly. As an HR professional of the new age, you should stay updated on all the latest news surrounding the abolition of the employment tribunal fee and the necessary measures that the businesses should take to adapt to this change. In fact, a thorough understanding of the new regulations will also not hurt and can be an extra ace up your sleeve in 2018 in case of a particularly contentious issue at work in the coming year.

Not caring enough about gender pay gap reports

If you have still not prepared detailed reports for the discrimination of gender in the pay scale (if any) of your company, it is high time that you got together with the accounts section and got this sorted on a priority basis. It is mandatory for all private sector companies to submit the detailed report on gender pay gap (if any) within their infrastructure, so it is best to not laze around because that report is not going to prepare itself.

Giving misinformed advice

As an HR professional, you need to be at your counseling best at all times. The senior management and advisory board frequently call for advice from the HR department that helps shape the policies and goals for the future of the company also in students life for HR assignment help. Your role as the HR professional means that you have people counting on your advice and falling back on you so be certain to provide them with sound advice based on facts and figures. Remember that since it is not your place to take the company decisions and create the company policies yourself, the best you can do is to provide great advice that helps the senior management board take informed decisions based on your advice.

Being unprepared for the General Data Protection Regulation

Another massive one, the General Data Protection Regulation that is to come into effect from May 25 of 2018 will have a far-reaching impact on the companies and HR will not be spared either. The quick facts that should be kept in mind are that the administration fee of £10 for subject access requests no longer stands and the processing time has been shortened to 30 days instead of 40. The well-being of the employees and upholding the company values and policies should be your utmost priority as an HR professional so bear in mind the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation in your company and the ways you can adapt to the change.

Not grasping the values of your company

Oh well, this one is a no-brainer. Understanding the values of the company and their core missions is something you should always prioritize as an HR professional. More than having a thorough knowledge of the goods, products or services that your company offers, a clear understanding of the ideals, values and work culture of the organization you work for will help you go a long way in your career. So read up on company literature and try to get into the basics of how and what instead of focusing on what your company does for business.

Shrugging off the abolition of employment tribunal fee

Preparing for the year ahead, just keep in mind the five things you should avoid as an HR professional in 2018, and you will be good to go. Brace yourself for the coming year that is going to bring about a lot of changes in the working scene of the country, so you need to stay abreast of the latest happenings at all times.

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