Difference between Web Development and Design

People often use the terms ‘web design’ and ‘development’ interchangeably; however, these phrases have two different meaning. In simple terms, web designers handle the front-end of the website, wherea...

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​Business Opportunities in India

When we are studying the ultimate goal is to have good money so that we can have a good standard of living. After studies either we do a job or something or some people go for business. Many have this...

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MBA Course-Scope and Career Opportunities

Introduction to MBA: MBA is one of the post-graduation courses which are basically designed to enhance skills in marketing, leadership, business development, adapting to the various business environment. Currently, MBA is one of the world’sleading degree with over 2500 programsin various fields...

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​Best Portable speakers 2018

Portable speakers are the best when you are travelling or even when you are at home, listening to your favourite music is the best thing one can do and when you have a Bluetooth or portable speaker then the feel of that music is doubled. Portable speakers are one of the best inventions ever made bec...

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Natural ways to treat flea bites on baby

Fleas are pesky insects that are commonly found in furry pets such as cats or dogs. They are parasites living on the hosts’ body by sucking their blood. Usually fleas don’t reside on human body, but occasionally you and your family members may be disturbed by flea bites if the house is infeste...

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